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Honey and Cheese from Southern Italy

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Bra, Italy

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September 17th at 16:00 in your time zone

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Good pastures yield good milk and good honey. We are more aware of this than ever in this edition of Cheese, where we explore the plant biodiversity that contributes to the production of marvelous products in southern Italy.

A tasting of diverse territories allows us to understand the connection between bees, pastures, herders, and cheese.

The Cheeses

In a single plateau, various raw milk cheeses sourced from meadows converge, including:

  • Pecorino di Carmasciano, from Campania. The majority of pastures are concentrated on the south-facing slopes that descend from Mount Forcuso to the valley, ranging from 800 to 500 meters in altitude. Pecorino di Carmasciano reaches its peak sensory expression after around 12 months of aging. The aging rooms play a crucial role, as the molds that develop inside contribute to the perfect maturation of the cheese.
  • Cacio di Genazzano, one of the historical pecorinos of the Roman province. Made from raw sheep’s milk, it is a semi-cooked, fatty cheese with a smooth, thin but fairly hard rind. The rind exhibits a straw-yellow color, which varies in intensity depending on the level of aging. To this day, the transformation process adheres to tradition and is characterized by two unique elements: the use of natural lamb rennet and the practice of “skimming” to facilitate drainage.
  • Caciocavallo Podolico from Basilicata, a symbol of Southern cheesemaking, it’s made with the milk of the Podolica cow breed, which is still present in the Southern Apennines of Basilicata
  • Caciocavallo Monti Iblei, in Sicily, a precious stretched-curd cheese from raw cow’s milk, generally made with milk of Modicana breed cows.

Other Products

Alongside the cheeses, we also savor honeys that express the identity of the territory: tasting the Slow Food Presidium of Iblean thyme honey. To complete the experience, we offer a selection of wines from the Wine Bank of Pollenzo as a pairing.

Tickets are available online until September 14. From September 15-18 any remaining tickets will be available to buy at the Event Reception in Via Mendicità Istruita 14.

Cheese 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra from September 15-18. See you there! #Cheese2023

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Event languages: IT, EN

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Bra - IPS Velso Mucci - Aula 1,
Via Craveri, 8 - Bra (Italy )
GPS: 44.700538, 7.8526714

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