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Bra, Italy

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Natural meadows (also known as stable meadows) are an extraordinary resource for both human and natural landscapes.

Natural meadows are not ploughed or tilled, only need light fertilization, and, if mowed a few times a year, they reward us with hay rich in grasses, legumes and flowers of the sunflower family (including daisies, dandelions, thistles and cornflowers). They’re a reservoir of biodiversity for our countryside, because they host numerous species of vegetables, insects, birds, many of which are at risk of extinction.

Up until a few decades ago these were common habitats, but today they’re ever-rarer; in the plains because the terrain is tilled, fertilized and use for the cultivation of monocultures (e.g. corn), and in the hills and mountains because of their gradual abandonment. There will be a tasting of cheese from stable meadows at the end of the discussion.


Giampaolo Gaiarin, food technologist andd collaborator with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

Giampiero Lombardi, alpiculture teacher at the University of Turin

Claudia Masera, producer at Cascina Roseleto, Villastellone, Piedmont

Irene Piccini, researcher at the Life Sciences Department at the University of Turin

Diego Remelli, farmer and member of the Administrative Council for the Latteria San Pietro, Goito (Mantova)

Moderator: Lara Loreti, journalist for ilgusto.it of the Gedi group

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Piemonte - Bra, Biodiversity House
Cortile delle scuole Maschili - Bra (Italy)

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