22 September

Cultural imagination in the Varaita Valley – the Var.tan project and DJ set by Groove Sandwich and Carmine Minichiello

Bra-Piazza Spreitenbach

The Var.tan project started as a thesis for a degree in Design & Visual Comunication at the Turin Polytechnic, and starts with the recording of the production Toumin del Mel cheese at the Garino dairy, subsequently arranged, edited, mixed and pressed on vinyl.

The mix of design and sound opens a new way of looking at, and listening to, the Varaita Valley. The public are invited to interact with the vinyl in a sort of collective scratching session, followed by a hip hop / electronica  DJ set by Groove Sandwich and a live performance by Carmine Minichiello, a producer from Naples.

Presented by Terres Monviso. Free entry.

22 September

18:30 - 20:00

Assopiemonte Dop & Igp - Regione Piemonte | Palco