20 September

Innovative educational approaches in European projects

Bra-Piazza XX Settembre

Is it possible to innovate our educational approach and the training of the next generation? There are active projects in Europe which suggest we can.

Enhancing the co-creation of innovation and knowledge in agriculture, forestry and related bio-value chains, Nextfood wants to change our educational approach, from a traditional linear vision of knowledge-transfer to a circular process, in order to support a transition towards teaching and learning which is more student-oriented and participatory. The TEFSI project, meanwhile, promotes innovative teaching methods, materials, methods and instruments so as to increase the skills of university teachers, and therefore improve the quality and effectiveness of university teaching.

Presented by: Paola Migliorini, UNISG teacher; Natalia Rastorgueva, researcher

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20 September

12:00 - 13:00

Università di Scienze Gastronomiche | University of Gastronomic Sciences