20 September

Italian Presidia: 20 years of the cheesemaking revolution

Bra-Scuole Maschili Courtyard

With 70 Presidia dedicated to cheese, Italy is the country with the greatest number of such projects. It’s also the country where Slow Food has started a dairy revolution which gives raw milk the value it deserves and reaffirms the importance of biodiversity in cheesemaking.

It’s a value to be defended at every level, from the microbial variety of milk and plant biodiversity in the pastures to the variety of local animal breeds and the diversity of cheesemaking cultures who make hundreds of different cheeses with just three ingredients: milk, rennet and salt. Twenty years have passed since the presentation of the first cheese Presidium: Roccaverano. Today there are more than 500 across all continents. In 2019 Italy relaunches an ambitious challenge: to support the growth of natural cheese, and presents its new Presidia.

Moderator: +

Serena Milano, Slow Food


Andrea Bezzi, Silter d’alpeggio Presidium producers’ coordinator, Lombardy

Fabio Guerci, Monti Reatini Giuncata Presidium producer, Lazio

Manuel Cosi, Rendena Cattle Presidium producers’ coordinator, Trentino Alto Adige

Nerio Baratta, Mozzarella in Myrtle Presidium coordinator, Campania

Renzo Fantucci, Valnerina Ricotta Salata Presidium coordinator, Umbria

Enrico Ponza, Toumin dal Mel Presidium coordinator, Piemonte

Paolo Ciapparelli, Furmàcc del Féen Presidium producers’ coordinator, Lombardy

Giovanni Solerio, Robiola di Roccaverano Presidium producer, Piemonte

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20 September

19:00 - 20:30

Casa della Biodiversità | Biodiversity House