20 September

Natural bread: Grain, flour, fermentation

Bra-Principi di Piemonte

Leave aside the myths: if we think about the ingredients involved and the modern processes used to prepare it, bread is anything but simple.

Grain and flour were used to make bread 12,000 years ago, while the history of fermentation stretches back 5000 years. Other ingredients and processes, however, have been introduced in relatively recent times; the sliced loaf of today is a world away from a natural grain of wheat.

In choosing our bread, what cereals should we consider? What are ancient grains? What’s the difference between white flour, reconstituted flour and wholemeal, ? Why, after decades of bread being made with refined flour, additives and “improvers”, baked at excessive temperatures and leavened rapidly—should we now prefer bread made with sourdough and wholemeal flour? Is it just a question of flavor and aroma, or does it have something to do with our health, and indeed, the health of the planet?

A meeting dedicated to the floury world of ancient grains, yeasts, and virtuous producers.


Pasquale Polito, of the Panificatori Agricoli Urbani project

Pierluigi Binello, Molino Rosso, Corneliano d’Alba

Angelo Carrilo, Venosta Valley Ur-Parrl (Slow Food Presidium)

Paola Migliorini, teacher of agroecology at the University of Gastronomic Sciences

Mara Ramploud, doctor of nutrition

Stefano Vegetabile, producer at La Casa Rotta ecovillage


Tommaso Galli, journalist

Free entry while seats last. Auditorium CRB Bra: via Adolfo Sarti, 8.

20 September

16:00 - 18:00

Auditorium CRB