21 September

French Naturals

Bra-Scuole Maschili Courtyard

Slow Food Presidia in France are natural!

From the Presidium for Natural Fermier Camembert, which unites fermier producers of France’s most famous cheese in a natural cheesemaking alliance, to Gwell cheese from the Breton Pie Noire cow, which promotes an ancient local breed whose raw milk is fermented with natural yeasts. Then there’s the mountain cheeses of the Pyrenees, which have been au naturelle for centuries.


Gilles Fumey, geographer and journalist for Libération


Patrick Mercier and Janine Lelouvier, Natural Farmhouse Camembert Presidium producers

Jean-Bernard Maitià, Basque Pyrenees Mountain Cheeses Presidium producer

Nicolas Floret, coordinator for the project on natural cheese in France

Thibaut Fagonde, film director

Free entry while seats last.

21 September

15:00 - 16:30

Casa della Biodiversità | Biodiversity House