21 September

Passacharriera with the Grand Occitan Orchestra

Bra-Piazza Spreitenbach

The students and teachers of the Occitan music courses organized by the Lou Dalfin Association form the Grand Occitan Orchestra, a group of 50 musicians that present a concert of songs from the rich lenga d’òc tradition.

This is one of the largest orchestras in the entire transnational Occitan community, based on a central body of accordions and hurdy-gurdies, the most common instruments in the Occitan lands, accompanied by bass, drums, flutes, clarinets, concertinas, harp, three-hole pipes, fifes, bagpipes, oboes and violins in a unique combination. The courses on which their work is based are held in the Occitan Valleys and in Liguria by  Simonetta Baudino, Chiara Cesano, Roberto Avena and Sergio Berardo. In the concert, where they’ll be joined by Riccardo Serra on drums and Carlo Revello on bass, a repertoire of traditional Occitan songs as well as original compositions. Some of the musicians will parade through the streets of Bra for the occasion, in a traditional “Passacharriera” playing lenga d’òc songs.

Presented by Terres Monviso. Free entry.

21 September

21:00 - 22:30

Assopiemonte Dop & Igp - Regione Piemonte | Palco