Piedmont: Barolo 2007-2017 and Valchiusella toma


Pollenzo, Italy

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September 17th at 15:00 in your time zone

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A purely Piedmontese journey among Barolo vintages and the finest toma cheeses of Valchiusella produced by small, family-run farms.  

Each family works exclusively with the raw milk of their own local breed cows to make toma cheeses without the use of ferments. The wide range of aromas present come from the variety of plants which the cows graze on in pastures over 2000 meters high. The Villa family has dedicated their work to the rediscovery and promotion of this dairy heritage, made even richer by the wide panorama of sensory profiles these cheeses present. 

To pair we have two Barolo vintages, ten years apart, from three producers: San Giovanni by Gianfranco Alessandria of Monforte, Cerequio by Michele Chiarlo of La Morra, and Bricco Sarmassa by Giacomo Brezza & Sons of Barolo itself. 

We’ll taste: 

  • Barolo Bricco Sarmassa ’07 Giacomo Brezza & Figli 
  • Barolo d.o.c.g Sarmass ’17 Giacomo Brezza & Figli 
  • Barolo San Giovanni ’17 Gianfranco Alessandria 
  • Barolo San Giovanni ’07 Gianfranco Alessandria 
  • Barolo Cerequio ’17 Michele Chiarlo 
  • Barolo Cerequio ’07 Michele Chiarlo 

Buy your Taste Workshop ticket now and prepare to experience all the goodness that cheese can offer! Come and discover the multiple connections between the animal kingdom and the work of herders, cheesemakers and affineurs. Tickets are on sale online until September 16. During the days of the event any free places will be on sale at the Event Reception. 

In line with current regulations, the events at Cheese 20201 are reserved exclusively for visitors in possession of an EU Digital COVID Certificate (also known as a Green Pass).

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Piemonte - Pollenzo, Wine Bank
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 13 - Pollenzo (Italy)

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