22 September

Piedmontese white wines meet buffalo milk from Campania

Pollenzo-Banca del Vino | Wine Bank

When we think of the most characteristic products made using buffalo milk, we usually think first of mozzarella: after all, it’s one of the most renowned, recognized and appreciated Italian foods all over the world.

But buffalo milk is much more than that! This workshop is dedicated to a tasting of buffalo mozzarella PDO, buffalo ricotta PDO, and the vintage plate of chef Vittori Fusari (mozzarella, oysters and sea water) in combination with great yet relatively undiscovered white wines of Piedmont.

From the cellar:

  • Colli Tortonesi Timorasso il Montino 2016 La Colombera
  • Colli Tortonesi Timorasso 2016 Derthona Borgogno
  • Langhe Bianco 750m s.l.m. Ferdinando Principiano
  • Langhe Nascetta del Comune di Novello Anas-cëtta 2017 Elvio Cogno
  • Langhe Nascetta 2018 Braida
  • Langhe Nascetta Netta 2018 Anna Maria Abbona

In collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO and the Consortium for the Protection of the Ricotta di Bufala PDO.

Pollenzo, six kilometers from Bra, is the other main hub of Cheese 2019. A special shuttle service will take you from Bra to Pollenzo and back, so you can create your own program and move around easily without using a car.

The event can be booked online until 12 p.m. on September 19. During the days of Cheese you can buy any remaining tickets for this and other events at the Event Reception.

Banca del Vino: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 13, Pollenzo.

22 September

19:00 - 20:15

Aula Laboratori | Workshop Rooms
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Seats available:
30 €
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25 €