21 September

Ireland and Australia: raw milk and cheesemakers who resist

Bra-Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino

In some countries raw milk is more tightly controlled than guns. It seems absurd, but’s that the way it is.

In some countries, like the USA, Australia and Ireland, the legality of making cheese with raw milk is the result of long and ultimately successful campaigns, while in other countries it’s still not permitted. Slow Food has always been on the side of producers in this political battle, where opposed systems of production, biodiversity and flavors are all at stake.

This tasting is dedicated to the producers of the resistance, who Cheese supports in their struggle for legitimacy:

  • Cloonconra Moiley Organic and Young Buck blue cheese, both members of the Slow Food Presidium for Irish Raw Milk Cheeses
  • Monforte (a raw cow’s milk cheese, semi-hard) made by Kym Masters of Section 28 Artisan Cheese in the Adelaide Hills, Australia (presented by Wendy Downes, affineur)
  • Hand-made raw milk buffalo cheese “Picasso” covered in Australian Native Saltbush and native wildflowers, made and presented Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese, Adelaide, Australia
  • Cupitt Tomme de Chèvre made by Rosie Cupitt in New South Wales, Australia

The cheeses will be paired with wines by the Consorzio Alta Langa.

Event bookable online until 12 pm on September 19. For bookings during the event, check availability at the Events Reception.

Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino: Via Fratelli Carando, 43.

21 September

19:00 - 20:15

Aula Laboratori | Workshop Rooms
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