20 September

Refined French goat cheeses and the hills of Tortona

Bra-Via Cavour

What happens when we put the various types of French goat cheese together with the wines of Tortona? You’ll find out in this workshop.

To taste, a selection of raw milk goat cheese—Buchette de Manon, Coeur du Berger, Tomme de Pebre d’Ai, Le Barriquet, Tomme Trecee—aged at the historic Maison Mons paired with the great wines of Walter Massa, an independent winemaker from Tortona who holds the distinction of having sparked a renaissance for the local grape variety: Timorasso. There are reds too: freisa, barbera and croatina, paired with the more mature goat cheeses. Mons and Massa will both be present at the tasting.

Price: €35, or €30 for Slow Food members. Maximum capacity: 30 people. BOOK THE EVENT

Vicino DiVino, via Cavour 43.

20 September

13:00 - 14:30

Vicino DiVino