20 September

Sergio Berardo presents La Quimera

Bra-Piazza Spreitenbach

As part of the presentation of Terres Monviso, of which the Festival Occit’amo is a central part, we present the musical culture of the Occitan Valleys of Italy with Sergio Berardo.

It’s a journey back through time with the songs and dances in lenga d’òc that have been seen and heard in those valleys at least since Medieval times, and which keep an authentic popular culture alive to this day. The repertoire is is a mix of traditional pieces and songs by Sergio Berardo’s band Lou Dalfin.

With: Sergio Berardo, Riccardo Serra, Carlo Revello, Roberto Avena, Enrica Bruna

Presented by Terres Monviso – Cross-border reserve of the Monviso biosphere.

Free entry.

20 September

21:00 - 22:30

Assopiemonte Dop & Igp - Regione Piemonte | Palco