The essential is invisible: the battle for natural products

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The fight for natural products without the addition of industrial ferments is a struggle which has seen Cheese on the frontline of since the 2017 edition.

Why talk about natural products? Why make this a battleground? Because in the last 50 years we’ve lost an enormous quantity of microbial biodiversity without even realizing it. Almost all the wines in the world are made with two or three strains of yeast, made in a single French region by a single company. And the same thing is happening with cheeses. The wealth of shapes, colors and flavors comes from that invisible biodiversity: the microflora that lives in raw milk and which is transferred to the milk from the soil, from the pasture, from the animals, from the environment and the aging process.

If we entrust the fermentation process to packets of corporate-produced, selected starters we lose an invaluable heritage of flavors, breaking the link between artisanal cheeses and the places they come from irrevocably. That’s why Slow Food promotes natural products: cheeses made without the use of industrial ferments, breads made with natural yeast, charcuterie made without additives and preservatives, wines made with native yeasts.


Duccio Cavalieri, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Florence and expert in complex systems

Mother Noella Marcellino, Prioress of Our Lady of the Rock Benedictine monastery and microbiologist who began making the Abbey of Regina Laudis’ Bethlehem cheese in 1977, Connecticut, USA

Patrick Mercier, Producer of the Slow Food Presidium for Natural Farmhouse Camembert, France

Moderator: Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

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Cover image Shepherds’ Fiore Sardo, Slow Food Presidium, Sardinia | Ph. Alberto Peroli

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