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The GERMONTE Project: “The Germplasm of Piedmont (Corn, Wheat and Vegetables) and Enhancement through Communication”


Bra, Italy

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September 18th at 14:00 in your time zone

Free event

Prof. Paola Migliorini will present the Germonte Project, of which UNISG is the leader. This is a research project that is carrying out actions aimed at the protection and enhancement of biodiversity of agricultural and food interests. In Piedmont, the characterization and conservation of ancient plant varieties have always been an actively carried out activity, supported by entities, associations and farmers who, thanks to funded projects, have contributed to the enhancement of agro-biodiversity to contrast and slow genetic erosion that many local varieties were facing. The results and knowledge acquired from the numerous activities carried out on the regional territory by different realities need to be harmonized with each other and disseminated.

There will be products to taste, such as bread made with local varieties of wheat, corn biscuits with ancient Piedmontese corn, etc.

Free entrance. A free tasting is scheduled at the end of the conference.

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Piemonte - Bra, University of Gastronomic Sciences
Piazza Spreitenbach - Bra (Italy)

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