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Pollenzo, Italy

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We might be tempted to think that natural cheeses are obscure products whose names are unknown to the majority of the public. But that’s not always the case; after all, Parmigiano Reggiano is probably the most famous Italian cheese worldwide.

To make Parmigiano Reggiano the morning milk and the milk of the previous evening are poured into bell-shaped brass cauldrons, where coagulation happens slowly and naturally thanks to the addition of rennet and the previous day’s whey, rich in natural lactic ferments. A single wheel requires around 550 liters of milk.
To demonstrate the versatility and scope of Parmigiano we present a dinner prepared by the cooks of Ai Due Platani in Parma, long-time holders of the prestigious snail symbol in Slow Food Editore’s annual guide to the best places to eat slow in Italy, Osterie d’Italia.At Ai Due Platani the traditions of Parmigiano are local folklore, combined with masterful innovations in the kitchen and the efforts of the floor staff to narrate their dishes to their guests. Among their flagship products we find high-quality cured meats like Prosciutto di Parma PDO, coppa, pancetta, cappelleti pasta, roasted meats, and of course the extraordinary Parmigiano Reggiano at a range of ages. 
To pair we have wines from the same region by:

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Piemonte - Pollenzo, Ristorante Garden
Via Fossano, 21 - Pollenzo (Italy)

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