Covid-19 Safety Measures

Do I need to book to come to Cheese?

Cheese has always been an open, free-to-access festival. Besides the special events like Taste Workshops and Dinner Dates, tickets for which are on sale online, there’s no need to book anything in advance.

Do I need a Green Pass?

In line with current health & safety regulations, only people with a Digital Covid Certificate (also known as a Green Pass) will be allowed to enter.

What checks will be made?

The situation changes constantly, but the most recent update from the Italian government is the Decree of July 23 n° 105 which states that people may enter events and festivals only if they have Digital Covid Certificate (Green Pass).

As such, visitors may be requested to show their Digital Covid Certificate as well as an ID document in order to enter the areas where Cheese is held.

What precautions will be necessary?

To guarantee maximum security at Cheese there will be:

  • the obligation to wear a mask throughout the town center of Bra
  • staff tasked with controlling visitor flows and avoiding large gatherings
  • a controlled management of visitor flows
  • the potential closure of parking lots if necessary

To this end, we remind visitors that the success of the event depends on your cooperation. The patience and collaboration of every visitor will be vital in ensuring a safe and enjoyable event.

Where exactly is Cheese being held?

The following areas of Bra will host Cheese: Piazza Roma and Piazza Carlo Alberto; Via Principi di Piemonte; the Cortile delle Scuole Maschili and Casa delle Associazioni; Piazza XX Settembre and Piazza Spreitenbach. Other areas which form part of Cheese are a portion of the covered walkway in Corso Garibaldi, the courtyard of Palazzo Garrone, Palazzo Mathis, Palazzo Traversa, Corso Cottolengo.


Where can you do a Covid test? Will foreign visitors and people resident outside of Piedmont be able to do them? At what cost?

There are pharmacies which provide Covid tests. A complete list of all pharmacies in Italy which provide this service is available, so you can arrive with a valid Green Pass. The price of a test in these pharmacies is €15 for adults and €8 for children. Other pharmacies not in the list above may provide Covid tests at higher prices, but this list is of those who have adhered to a government program for standardized pricing.


How can I find a place to stay in Bra?

Booking Piemonte is the official hospitality service of Cheese 2021, and give you all the info you need on how to get here and where to stay for Cheese.

Where are the parking lots?

There are various parking lots with dedicated shuttle services to the center of Bra, as in previous editions. Details on their locations and the frequency and price of the shuttle services are available.

Will there be shuttle buses for Pollenzo?

Normal public transport will be in operation between Bra and Pollenzo. Bus times here.

Can I bring my dog on the shuttle bus?

Yes, as long as they are muzzled and kept on a leash.

How can I come to Cheese by train?

Information on train times from Turin, Alba and Cuneo is available from Trenitalia. As in other editions, there will be extra services on the lines to Bra during the days of the event.

Will there be a camper area?

There will be an area for camper vans in Via Senator Sartori (first come first served – no bookings).

Will there be special parking spaces for people with disabilities?

Yes, in Strada Montenero, alongside the railway.


What benefits are there for Slow Food members?

For now we can guarantee a discount of €5 for the Taste Workshops and a discount of €10 on Dinner Dates. More information will be available the week before Cheese starts.

Which events will be translated into English?

The Taste Workshops, the Dinner Dates and the majority of the conferences at Biodiversity House, as well as the two online conferences on September 16, will be translated into English. Some of the film screenings at Biodiversity House are also in English. A list of all events available in English can be generated using the search filters.

Will there be tastings in the Market area as in previous editions?

Exhibitors can serve single-serving tastings, but not on plates or cutting boards.

What is the maximum occupancy of the events in the program?

Ticketed events – Taste Workshops and Dinner Dates – have a limited number of tickets available online: any remaining places may be bought during Cheese from the Event Reception. The number of places is specified for each event. The activities at Biodiversity House are free to access but will be limited to 35 places, with no booking possible. We advise people to arrive a little earlier to ensure they get a place, and to have their Digital Covid Certificate ready for inspection, together with an ID document.

Where can you buy tickets for events which still have places available?

The ticketed events in the Cheese program are on sale online until September 16. From September 17 to 20 you can buy any remaining tickets for these events at the Event Reception in Vicolo Chiaffrini 2.

Can visitors bring animals?

Dogs are allowed, as long as they kept on a leash, though we would advise people not to bring easily-scared dogs that may be upset by the presence of a large number of people.

Will there be a Baby Pit Stop or Baby Parking?

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 safety regulations we will not be able to provide these services this years, which normally we always have had.

Will there be stands or activities dedicated to gluten-free products?

The AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia Piemonte Onlus) will be present in the Cortile delle Scuole Maschili with gluten-free bread. If requested, it will be possible to have gluten-free bread and breadsticks in the Taste Workshops and the Great Hall of Cheese too. 

Will the event still be held if it rains?


If you have any other questions please write to