Gelato Square

At Cheese 2017 there’s a square dedicated to quality gelato: Gelato Square is a project by Alberto Marchetti in collaboration with Inalpi. It’s the place to be for good, clean and fair gelatos made with carefully selected ingredients. Inalpi works with 100% alpine pasture milk from Piedmont, and all its products are totally traceable. Here’s what you can find at the square:

Above all, Gelato Square is the place to find good, clean and fair gelatos made with genuine ingredients selected carefully.

Gelateria Alberto Marchetti

Alberto Marchetti offers two types of fiordilatte, in collaboration with Italia Zuccheri, an Italian company with 5700 beetroot growers. In addition to the fiordilatte made with traditional sugar beet and fresh alpine milk. Inalpi also offers gelatos made with unrefined sugar, allowing us to appreciate the differences in taste and texture.

There are plenty of Slow Food Presidia products too, including Tortona strawberry, Bronda Valley Ramassin, Leonforte peaches, Bronte pistachio, Chontalpa cacao, Farina Bòna, and Robiola di Roccaverano. And of course, we have top quality organic Piedmont hazelnuts. What’s more, the revenue will be donated to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

The soul of the preparation kitchen is Alberto Marchetti, and next to it you’ll find the Gourmet Space, in collaboration with Antica Corona Reale, a two-star Michelin restaurant from Cervere. This is a unique space where high quality gelato will be experimented with fine dining style.

This is also where the International School of High Quality Gelato will be presented, a new initiative founded by Alberto Marchetti and Roberto Lobrano. From 2018, they will offer professional gelato courses at their branch in Piazza CLN, Turin. A few of the teachers will be at Cheese, so come and for suggestions and advice in person!

The Gelato Square will also be hosting several cooking shows (these are free entry). The shows are organized by Compagnia dei gelatieri, founded in 2015 by Alberto Marchetti, Andrea Soban, Paolo Brunelli and Inalpi.

Thanks to Inalpi, we’ll have a classroom set up at the square to discuss related topics:

Gelateria Soban

  • The importance of animal welfare in breeding (in collaboration with the University of Turin)
  • Alpine milk: the strength of a territory
  • The sensory profiles of milk from Piedmontese valleys (in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences)
  • Fundamentals of the Piedmontese diet: alpine milk, butter, cream, and cheeses

Other noteworthy gelaterie and teachers you’ll encounter:

Gelato Square invites everyone to come and taste good, clean and fair gelato!


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