For the 2023 edition dedicated to The Taste of the Meadows, the graphics for Cheese are going green, with a lush carpet of grass adorned with herbs and flowers.

The aim of the Cheese 2023 graphics, created by Undesign Studio, is to transport you to the meadows where different alpine, subalpine, central European, and Mediterranean species of grasses and flowers coexist.

These are nourishing and natural meadows, teeming with biodiversity. Most of these herbs belong to the grass and legume families, including alpine clover, along with composite, umbelliferous, chenopodiaceae, and labiate plants… a feast fit for cows, sheep, goats, as well as pollinating insects and other animal species.

Download the graphics and share them on social media. Tag our profiles:

Event hashtag: #Cheese2023

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have other requests? Then write to: [email protected]

Cheese 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra from September 15-18. See you there! #Cheese2023

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