At Cheese, the Italian and International Market hosts the very finest products that cheesemakers, shepherds, cheese mongers and affineurs around the world.

The Market is open every day from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

The cheeses on sale—whether made from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk—will all be made exclusively with raw milk in dairies attentive to animal welfare, consistent with the Slow Food philosophy and the campaign which has defined Cheese since its first edition.

At Cheese 2023 our theme is “The Taste of Meadows”, highlighting how the tastiest and healthiest cheeses come from from the milk of animals fed on permanent meadows, with a natural variety of grasses and flowers.

The Market Selection Criteria

At the Market, you’ll find:

  • Cheeses and dairy products derived from milk sourced from animal-friendly farms.
  • Cheeses and dairy products produced with proprietary milk or locally purchased from farms involved in supply chain projects.
  • Cheeses made with raw milk.
  • Cheeses produced using animal or vegetable rennet.
  • Cheeses from feed that is GMO-free.

You won’t find:

  • Cheeses that have undergone chemical treatments on the rind or liquid smoke smoking. Traditional treatments such as tomato, wax, paraffin, oil, grappa, charcoal, ash, etc., are allowed.
  • Products containing synthetic preservatives, additives, or colorings.
  • Products flavored with synthetic aromas (e.g., truffle flavoring).

Additionally, preferential consideration is given to:

  • Products obtained from the milk of animals primarily fed on pasture or with high grass/hay intake.
  • Companies that produce cheeses without selected starters.
  • Companies that produce cheeses with milk from native breeds.

Other Forms of Milk: Gelato

Among the other featured products, we cannot overlook the significance of gelato, a delicacy where quality milk plays a central role. Here are the key selection criteria:

  • The use of pre-made liquid bases or pre-balanced and standardized powdered bases from semi-processed food companies is not allowed.
  • The milk must be fresh and of high quality.
  • The cream must be fresh.
  • The milk, cream, and butter must come from domestically sourced farms that prioritize animal welfare. They cannot be sourced from abroad under any circumstances.
  • The use of powdered, concentrated, and condensed milk is allowed, but it must not exceed 8% of the total ingredients. It cannot be used exclusively as a substitute for fresh milk and cream.
  • The use of powdered, concentrated, and condensed milk is allowed, but it must not exceed 8% of the total ingredients. It cannot be used exclusively as a substitute for fresh milk and cream.
  • The use of hydrogenated vegetable fats, palm oil, and rapeseed oil is not allowed, even in semi-processed ingredients.
  • The use of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids is not allowed.

The International Market

Cheese 2023 doesn’t focus on any specific “host country,” but the presence of international producers, particularly from European countries, is becoming stronger. However, compared to 2021 when COVID-19 restrictions were still in place, Cheese 2023 will also feature producers from overseas. We are thrilled to announce that there will be cheese producers from the United States, for example.

Beyond Cheese: Natural cured meats, honeys, vinegars and preserves

In addition to cheesemakers and affineurs, Cheese 2023 also highlights other products that often originate from the meadows. Among the stalls, you can find a delightful selection of honeys, which make an excellent accompaniment to cheeses.

Natural cured meats are making a comeback at Cheese 2023, produced without the use of nitrites and nitrates, with special attention to animal nutrition. We believe that natural food is not only tastier but also better for our health and has a lower impact on the environment. Finally, the market also showcases vinegars, preserves, and condiments to complete your cheese tasting experience.

Are you a producer of raw milk cheeses or any other merchandise category interested in participating in Cheese 2023? You have until July 31 to register. If you’re interested, send an email to [email protected]

Cheese 2023 is organized by Slow Food and the City of Bra from September 15-18. See you there! #Cheese2023

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