Natural Wine is Simply Wine – Interview with Luca Gargano

At Cheese, you can accompany your cheese tastings with the Triple “A” wines.

Triple “A” wines are free of synthetic chemicals, selected yeasts, and any other enological manipulation. The three A stand for Agricoltori, Artigiani, Artisti:  farmers, artisans and artists behind the production philosophy which aims complete naturalness in wine. We spoke with Luca Gargano, the boss of Velier, the Genoese company that selects the Triple “A” wines and the official partner of Cheese. 

What is the philosophy behind a natural wine?

We are living in a Kafkaesque world where we need to put “natural” on labels and then we have trouble explaining what it means. We need to simply talk about wine as is.

When wine comes as the result of a positive agricultural act, it brings pleasure and conviviality with it. It’s precisely these two elements that are behind a wine that, when it’s in the glass, it smacks your lips and makes your pupils shine.

Farmers, artisans, artists. You’re saying one can’t ignore these three elements with the label Triple A. Why?

Wine is more the product of an agricultural act by the farmer and a profound knowledge of the artisan, much more than it is a product of technology. You can obtain a Triple A by someone who is a farmer, an artisan, and also an artist at the same time.

Just like wine, rums can also have so much in common with cheese in terms of naturalness. In fact many rums will be featuring at the Taste Workshop From the Caribbean to Mountain Pastures, and at the meeting Pureness of Rum. Can you tell us about the philosophy behind the Haitian Calirin rums and the commonalities?

Like any product born from the relationship between mankind and the plant world, rum is also the result of an agricultural act based on love and respect. Through spontaneous fermentation and artisanal distillation processes, all the savoir faire of the producer is transferred into the bottle. Clairin Haiti rums are an example of that approach. This is a product of a different era, born from a rustic farming method which uses ancient sugarcane varieties, natural yeasts, and ancestral alembics. The product is a surprise to the palates of enthusiasts.

What does it mean to drink well?

To drink well is to have the desire to drink again, in the company of others.

Velier celebrates its 70th birthday this year. What were the fundamental stages in the history of your company?

During the first thirty four years of Velier, I always tried to bring unconventional and excellent products from the world of wines and distillates. We worked to create protocols outside the economic interests, but essentially to help enthusiasts market themselves.

In the 1990s, we started the movement for rums, and continued with some great bottles loved by enthusiasts such as Caroni and Demerara. With the classification of the rums I launched in 2015, now we are a point of reference worldwide. Velier was also the first agent of Cuban cigars in Italy and in 2002 we brought them legally to Italy.

We were the first distributor to import the wines of the New World. The year 2001 was the turning point, with the launch of Triple “A” wines. The story of Velier is made of progressiveness, leaders, and many travels of discovery… All with drinking so many glasses of wine and tasting from many barrels of good rum.

by Silvia Ceriani

Come to the Natural Space to discover the Triple “A” wines and participate in Pureness of Rum. Pass by the official stand of Velier in Piazza XX Settembre to find out more about their program at Cheese.


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