Dinner Dates at Cheese 2019

We've got four beautiful dinner dates lined up in Pollenzo this year. As ever, there's a mix of Michelin-starred chefs and members of the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance who'll astound and astonish us with unique dishes and pairings. 

Andrea Riboni: from Pollenzo to Veneto reinventing traditions

At 6 years old, left alone for a moment in his aunt's coffee shop, Andrea Riboni tried to make an espresso without actually using any coffee, much to the amusement of the unlucky customer who'd decided to put their faith in this enterprising child who dreamed of becoming the Pope.Delusions of grandeur? Far from it, according to one of the young protagonists of Cheese 2019 whose story we share today.

The wonder of Macagn, the mountain cheese of Valsesia

Emanuela Ceruti, procuer of macagn, works in the Valsesia valley of the Piedmontese Alps together with her husband Livio, mother-in-law Angelina and her children Marco and Greta. It's a hard life, dictated by the times of the animals and of milk, which are having to adapt to the changing climate.

Professional affineur: Hervé Mons and the daily care of cheese

Widely recognized internationally for his savoir-faire, Hervé Mons was awared the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best French Craftsmen) in 2000, and is a veteran of past editions of Cheese. As one of the stars of the international market and Taste Workshop programs, Hervé is a great inspiration to the world of cheesemaking and affinage.

The four seasons – Tasting summer and winter in a cheese at Casa Lawrence

When I ask Loreto Pacitti of Casa Lawrence what the greatest satisfaction of his work is, he tells me confidently: "A call like this one, which makes me realize the interest in what we do. It makes me feel better understood." We're equals, then. One of the greatest satisfactions of my job is being able to talk to people who work with passion, a spirit of sacrifice and joy, and telling their stories.

Putting goat meat on the menu with James Whetlor: it’s ethical, sustainable and delicious!

James Whetlor may seem like a man on a pretty unusual mission, but the more you hear about it, the more sense it makes. Originally from the picturesque county of Devon in the southwest of England, he spent 15 years working as a chef in London before returning to his hometown of Axminster to take on some farmland, and ended up as the UK's premier retailer of goat meat.

Recovered gelato, from broken biscuits to cheese rinds

Traditionally, when we talk of recovery time we mean how long it takes your body to recover from an injury, or a business from a disruption. But for Carlo Catani, recovery time refers to something else: food, and this period of our contemporary culture marked by exaggerated portions and wasteful behavior which we can ill afford to continue.

Taste Workshops at Cheese

Your chance to discover new cheeses in curious combinations: There are 27 Taste Workshops, where we'll travel through Italy and across the world, hear the stories of cheesemakers and herders and surprise our palates with unusual pairings. 

The Great British Cheese Panorama

Cheese is an essential part of British culture, with a history that stretches back thousands of years and over 700 named cheeses produced on the island. Yet like many products, the way it is produced, and by whom, has changed substantially in recent times. Nowadays the vast majority of British cheese is produced industrially with pasteurized milk, selected starter cultures and a long chain of middle-men between the farm and the table.

From Puglia to London in search of Cheese: Alessandro Grano

Alessandro Grano is originally from Puglia, and is now the head chef at La Fromagerie, one of London’s premier destinations for tasting cheese and wine together. A member of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, Alessandro is one half of the team who’ll be guiding us on a special Dinner Date at Cheese 2019 focusing on one animal: the goat.