At Cheese 2021 we have an interactive trail for children and families and all those who want to improve their awareness of the animal world!

Look for the Return to Nature totems around Bra: a journey in sevens tages to learn more about the animals who make cheese possible.

There are quizzes to put your animal awareness to the test, and a chance to learn more thanks to additional content available through the tabUi app.

Have you ever asked yourself…

animal awareness
Cover image: Brousse du Rove, Slow Food Presidium. Photo: Federico Trotta e Nicola Robecchi.

… what the animals might say if they got together to discuss their living conditions? What demands would they make? “Let us outside!”, “Leave our tails alone!”, “Leave our horns alone!”, “Let us graze freely!”, “Let us stay with our mothers!”

They’re simple demands, which could be summarized as: “We want a more natural life.” Grazing on pasture, moving freely in open spaces, not suffering any amputations and living in groups with family members are all part of that. If you were a farm animal, you’d demand the same things yourself!

And yet if we consider the lives of many farm animals, unfortunately their experiences are often far removed from the situation described above. They often live in confined spaces, aren’t fed adequately and undergo painful mutilations.

The animal awareness trail

We start here, and map in hand, follow the blue flags around Bra.

How does cows feed on pasture? And what do cows eat on an industrial farm? How do they feel when they hear music or have their faces touched? And what if they’re shouted at or hit?

Through the quizzes on the trail we explore the themes of diet, emotions, the ideal pasture, the importance of horns, and lots of other curiosities regarding animals that, like us, are social creatures.

We’ll see how all these interconnected elements impact on cheese, and therefore what we eat. It’s undeniable that a cheese made from milk from animals who live well is better, cleaner and fairer!

Come and visit the animal awareness trail at the Slow Food stand, and learn something new!

This animal awareness trail has been built together with vets and farmers that Slow Food has collaborated with for a long time. We’d like to thank Carla De Benedictis, Francesca Pisseri, Pietro Venezia, Jacopo Goracci and Anna Zuliani.

Cover image: Brousse du Rove, Slow Food Presidium. Photo: Federico Trotta e Nicola Robecchi.