There are over 100 Slow Food Presidia dedicated to dairy products around the world, more than any other food type.

These rare and magnificent creations reflect our heritage of pastures, animal breeds, milks and skills.

At Cheese, you can meet the people behind some of the world’s finest traditional cheeses in person, discover their stories and taste their hard work for yourself.

Italian Presidia

Cheesemakers from every region of Italy will present at Cheese 2021, a mix of old favorites and new entries. You’ll find them among the market stalls, in the Taste Workshops, at the Great Hall of Cheeses and at meetings at Biodiversity House.

As well as cheese Presidia, you can also meet producers of natural cured meats, present at Cheese since the last edition in 2019.

International Presidia

Slow Food Presidia
Traditional Emmentaler, Slow Food Presidium, Switzerland. Photo: Slow Food Archive

The first confirmations of international Presidia are coming in.

From Switzerland, for example, we’ll have:

  • Mountain Pasture Sbrinz, one of Switzerland’s most famous cheeses. Sbrinz has a long history; the origins of its production are thought to date back to Roman times. Production is still concentrated in central Switzerland, the area which has the best alpine dairies and pastures, and until the 19th century the cheese was made exclusively from mountain milk. But beware! Not all Sbrinz on the market today is created equal. Out of the 30 plus dairies that currently produce Sbrinz AOC (a protected denomination of origin since 2002), only about ten work in the mountains.
  • Traditional Emmentaler, which takes its name from the Emme valley in Bern canton. Dairy production can be traced back to the 12th century here, and was supported by abundant pastures, pure, cool waters and the tradition of Kühwesen. Its huge success led to a progressive standardization of production techniques and to the concentration of production into fewer and larger dairies. Luckily some small cheesemakers kept producing the cheese following the traditional method. The perfect aging must assure a bronze-colored and polished rind, a hard paste with regular and well-defined holes, and an intense nutty flavor, which lingers on the tongue.

Discover the Presidia at Cheese 2021 by searching for the Slow Food Presidium tag in the event calendar and the exhibitor catalog, and explore the wonderful world of biodiversity!