Street kitchens, food trucks, craft beers

In the streets, courtyards and piazzas of Bra, you’ll be able to meet other people who make Cheese such a great open-air get-together.


Street Kitchens will be arriving from all over Italy to serve up the country’s tastiest street foods in the square of the Scuole Maschili (boy’s school) and Piazza Spreitenbach. Between regulars and new faces, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Among the first confirmed are Quelli della Bombetta with their unbeatable rolls of capocollo and Pugliese Canestrato cheese, a typical specialty of the Itris Valley accompanied with a slice of bread from Alta Murgia; and the Focaccia di Recco Consortium: flour, fresh cheese, extra virgin olive oil, water and salt, and a little secret kept by the bakers of Recco.


California-style food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across Europe. At Cheese 2019 they will be offering their customary range of top-quality Italian food at affordable prices in Piazza Spreitenbach. From Turin, the jacket potatoes of Poormanger with heaps of toppings prepared specially for Cheese, and Sbaffalo, with their buffalo burgers and other indulgent treats from Cuneo.

Piazza Spreitenbach

Alaimo & Conticello – Il cibo di strada di Palermo dal 1834, Associazione Quelli della bombetta, Beestrò, Bracevia a tutta pecora, Brambù, Consorzio della focaccia di Recco con il formaggio, Famu – Sabaco D’Oc, L’Hamburgheria di Eataly – Eataly incontra… “La Granda”, Pantura – Storie di cibo, Polpetteria Artigiana Norma, Poormanger – Patate Ripiene, Sbaffalo – Le bufale di Cuneo on the road – Agri street food, Scottadito, Urban Food Italy, Zena Zuena.

Arà è Sicilia, Cucina di Spreitenbach, Dalpian® Agrigelateria e Azienda Agricola, La, Migliori olive all’ascolana, Pasta Natura, Slow Food Toscana.ù

Via Cavour

Salaria è is a truck-shop which sells products from farms and food producers in areas affected by the earthquake of 2016, donated by Slow Food Italia thanks to the campaign La Buona Strada (The Good Road). The consortium “Salaria è” is made of up 27 different companies spread across the area of Cittareale, Amatrice, Accumoli, Posta, Borbona, Micigliano and Santa Rufina.


At the Beer Square in Piazza Spreitenbach, you’ll be liable to get lost – as always! – in the maze of Italian and foreign craft beer labels as you seek out the one that suits your palate and goes best with the street food of your choice.

Confirmed for 2019 so far we have Birrificio del Forte from Pietrasanta, Tuscany, who mix traditional craft with modern technology, and Birrificio Kauss from Piasco, Piedmont, whose constant quality is the fruit of a local supply chain.

Piazza Spreitenbach

Agribirrificio Kauss, Beba Birra integrale, Birra Alta Quota, Birra Elvo, Birra Mastino, Birra Terra di Lavoro, Birranova, Birrificio ’63, Birrificio ‘a Magara, Birrificio 61cento, Birrificio Agricolo Baladin, Birrificio Agricolo Bio La Stecciaia, Birrificio Aleghe, Birrificio artigianale Alba, Birrificio artigianale Sagrin, Birrificio Bari, Birrificio Castagnero, Birrificio del Forte, Birrificio della Granda, Birrificio Epica, Birrificio Filodilana, Birrificio Grado Plato, Gruit Birra Artigianale, Birrificio Lambrate, Birrificio San Michele, Birrificio Troll, Canediguerra, Croce di malto, Czech Beer – Birra Ceca, Kamun – La birra artigianale, Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard, Microbirrificio Casa Veccia – Ivan Borsato Birraio, Ofelia, Parsifal birrificio artigianale, Soralamà, Slow Food Tatry.

Then there’s also Mönchshof, in Via Audisio, as part of the International Market.ù


In the Cortile delle Maschili, there’s an area dedicated to pizza in collaboration with Agugiaro&Figna, bringing you delicious interpretations of Italy’s most widely-appreciated food:

  • Starita brings folded pizza, the traditional Neapolitan style that sees a pizza folded over, with a soft consistency and a classic combo of tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and basil.
  • Then there’s the Trapizzino, a hot, triangular, typically-Roman sandwich which different fillings: cacciatore chicken, meatbealls in sauce, parmigiano with eggplant, oxtail stew, il pollo alla cacciatora, le polpette al sugo, la parmigiana di melanzane, la coda alla vaccinara, double cream, stracciatella with zucchini, pumpkin almond and pecorino… as well as rice crackers with cheese and black papper, castelmagno and hazelnuts, amatriciano, zucchini and taleggio… it’s a firm Slow Food staff favorite, we can say that much!
  • The traditional Neapolitan fried pizza, with a crispy consistency. Pizzeria Gorizia offers the classic version – ricotta, pork rin, provola and black pepper – and gourmet – ricotta, fiordilatte, Mangalica prosciutto and zemon lest.

Street Kitchens, Food Trucks and the Beer Square are open from Friday to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. and on Monday from 12 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.