In the streets, courtyards and piazzas of Bra, you’ll be able to meet other people who make Cheese such a great open-air get-together.

street kitchens

street kitchens
Street kitchens at Cheese 2019. Photo: Alessandro Vargiu

Street Kitchens will be arriving from all over Italy to serve up the country’s tastiest street foods.

Among the first confirmed are Quelli della Bombetta with their unbeatable rolls of capocollo and Pugliese Canestrato cheese, a typical specialty of the Itris Valley accompanied with a slice of bread from Alta Murgia; and the Focaccia di Recco Consortium: flour, fresh cheese, extra virgin olive oil, water and salt, and a little secret kept by the bakers of Recco.

Food trucks

California-style food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across Europe. At Cheese 2021 they will be offering their customary range of top-quality Italian food at affordable prices.

Among others, we’ll have Olive Ascolane and other fried treats from Migliori, and Presidia-flavored gelato from Dalpian.

Craft beer

At the Beer Square you’ll be liable to get lost – as always! – in the maze of Italian and foreign craft beer labels as you seek out the one that suits your palate and goes best with the street food of your choice.

Among the highlights at Cheese 2021 will be Birrificio 61cento from Pesaro, who works to make common beer styles more interesting and the more difficulty styles more drinkable.

Street kitchens, food trucks and craft beer stands will be open from Friday to Sunday from 11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. and on Monday from 11.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.