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Bryndza: the first Slow Food Presidium in Slovakia

Slovakia, an independent republic since 1993, holds the unusual distinction of being the only country at Cheese 2019 which is younger than most of its cheesemakers. Of course, Slovakia’s dairy traditions stretch back hundreds if not thousands of years. The national dish, Bryndzové halušk, resembles gnocchi in a cheese sauce, and the cheese used to make it, bryndza, was traditionally made from sheep’s milk in the Carpathian Mountains.

Tour de France

Every year at the height of summer, a peloton of cyclists led by a yellow jersey attracts the attention of the global public. People who may not give the sport a second thought for the rest of the year are suddenly fascinated by the demanding physical challenge that is the Tour de France. At Cheese we've got our own Tour lined up, a Taste Workshop where we'll explore the length and breadth of la République on the trail of its most famous food products: les fromages.