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The Future of Artisan Cheese in the United States

American artisan cheese producers lack sufficient support in the battle of diffusing raw milk cheeses, and promoting quality and biodiversity, two wider concerns closely linked to the use of raw milk. Years ago, the Presidium for American raw milk cheeses was founded and it has been revived in the last few years. David Remolds of Rogue Creamery had initiated the raw milk movement and started the Presidium in collaboration with Slow Food. It took him three years before he received permission to make raw milk cheese. In 2003 Gourmet Foods International joined Cheese with the intention of creating an American artisan cheese presence at the event. There’s still long road to go, but Cheese 2017 gave great support by putting American raw milk cheeses in the spotlight. “Isn’t raw milk like a difficult horse to tame?” Giuseppe Licitra, professor of Products of Animal Origin at the Univesrity of Catania, Italy: “Yes, […]

The Future of PDO in the Hands of Giants?

“Let’s not beat around the bush: denominations of origin are no longer a mark of quality.” So begins Véronique Richez-Lerouge’s investigative book, Main basse sur les fromages AOP. Comment les multinationales contrôlent nos appelations, and the subsequent pages are no less trenchant.

The State of Raw Milk in the United States

“It’s impossible to sell raw milk cheese in the US if it hasn’t been aged for more than sixty days, a law from 1947,” said Nora Weiser, opening one of the most important conferences of Cheese to discuss the state of raw milk cheese production in the US.

Biodiversity House Opens with Cheeses of the East

The first meeting at the Biodiversity House, "Towards Aegea and Anatolia" was featuring cheeses from Anatolia and further east with a tasting of natural Triple A wines by Velier.

Do European Policies Support Good, Clean and Fair Food?

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is heading towards a new reform, foreseen in 2020. This tool, which represents 37,8% of the EU budget, is still insufficient to support small and medium-scale producers’ needs, despite the numerous rehashes.

Living With Animals – Conferences at Cheese

The breeding animals, and the breeding itself, are extinct. And so? On the one hand, the problem is that no one seems to be aware of this extinction: neither the industry professionals nor the ordinary citizens.

Four Conferences Not To Miss At Cheese

At Cheese we pursue the pleasure of knowledge, as well as the pleasure of taste. Beyond the hundreds of cheeses on offer through the event, there opportunities to learn and to discover through discussion and debate.