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Slow Cheese Awards 2019

The Slow Cheese Awards have, since 2009, paid tribute to the herders and artisan cheesemakers who refuse the shortcuts offered by modern technology and work with respect for naturalness, tradition and animal welfare. The passion, dedication and passion they demonstrate in their pursuit of quality keeps an extraordinary heritage of traditional skills and landscapes alive.  These are small-scale producers who, despite all the hard work, risks and isolation involved, continue to resist.

New Slow Food Presidia at Cheese 2019

Cheese wouldn't be the world's most important festival dedicated to raw milk cheese without the presence of Slow Food Presidia, the projects which protect traditional techniques, local breeds, artisanal products and rural landscapes. There are more than a hundred dairy Presidia around the world, and at Cheese 2019 there'll be 49 Italian Presidia and 10 more from other countries present with their own stands. You can find them in the appropriately named Presidia Street, between Via Principi di Piemonte and Via Marconi in Bra.

A day in the life of La Locanda del Falco

We've explored the Varaita Valley, and the Maira. But our itinerary of Piedmontese valleys doesn't end here. In the dinner Behind the best cheese there's grass, in fact, there are six different valleys present.Today our focus is La Locanda del Falco in Valle Gesso, a paradise for hikers of all levels, with easy walks like Pian del Valasco to demanding treks like the legendary road to the Pagarì refuge.

When the Maira Valley blooms – Lou Pitavin

In the last 20 years the Maira Valley has bloomed: restaurants, refuges, local chefs and food producers have all given value back to this little-known Piedmontese valley. Among the pioneers who kickstarted the revival were the courageous young couple behind Lou Pitavin, in Marmora.

Juri Chiotti: zero-impact production and community building

At Reis, on a terrace overlooking the Varaita Valley, we taste the local flavors and the ideas of the young chef Juri Chiotti. Una terrazza sulla Valle Varaita, sapori del territorio e le idee del giovane chef Juri Chiotti. "Everything I do, I do it to show that we can produce and consume with almost zero impact. All our actions must taken with respect for the environment."

Saras del Fen and the Waldensian valleys

Val Chisone on one side, Val Pellice on the other. Behind Pinerolo begin the the Waldensian Valleys, a borderland with long-lasting traditions and a strong identity. Among their typical products is Saras del Fen, an aged ricotta wrapped in hay.

Living with goats: pastures, cheese and dreams in motion with Gian Vittorio Porasso

Gian Vittorio Porasso lives and works in Castelnuovo di Ceva, a town close to Piedmont's southern border with Liguria. Here, he raises over a hundred Roccaverano breed goats (an animal on the Ark of Taste) and makes different kinds of cheese with their milk. He tells us about his life of sacrifice, poetry, dreams and choices.

The wonder of Macagn, the mountain cheese of Valsesia

Emanuela Ceruti, procuer of macagn, works in the Valsesia valley of the Piedmontese Alps together with her husband Livio, mother-in-law Angelina and her children Marco and Greta. It's a hard life, dictated by the times of the animals and of milk, which are having to adapt to the changing climate.