Taken by surprise in a milky-white August – your Cheese 2019 horoscope

Taken by surprise in a milky-white August – your Cheese 2019 horoscope.

Everyone advises against publishing content on a website in the middle of August. And partly, at least, we agree. Unless the content is some classic beach pastime like a crossword, a Sudoku puzzle, a romance or murder mystery novel. Not to speak of gossip magazines.

Then there’s the horoscope: we’re all anxious to know what cheese is associated with our zodiac sign!

That’s right: a cheesy zodiac! And now, if you’re reading this under the August sun, make yourself comfortable, get a cold drink or a slice of watermelon, as just reading about these cheeses is bound to make you sweat.

A brief note on the methodology. As the ancient sages of Babylon there are no pairing between zodiac signs and dairy products, each sign is associated with the name of a cheese from a specific geographic area that begins with the same letter that will be present at Cheese 2019. Exception: Gemini, who always like to do things a bit differently. And there’s nothing for the lactose intolerant but simple entertainment.


Aries are impetuous, courageous, competitive, ready for new challenges, and yet they’re also erratic, sometimes conservative… The mage won’t hide how it was to choose the cheese which goes best with your soul.

Then he remembered a great challenge: to propose Australian raw milk cheeses, produced by cheesemakers that, like you, are not easily conquered, who confront enormous challenges with great courage. You’ll meet Australian cheesemakers who resist on September 21 at 7 p.m.

And August? With the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury favorable for most of the month, and you in a constant state of fermentation… prepare to ferment: whey graft, milk graft, all natural!


Dear Taurus, the mage appreciates your closeness to natural cycles, which is manifested in your way of living and showing your extremely spontaneous sensuality. The mage also appreciates your ability to prioritize the important things and avoid wasting energy.

We looked through the names of a thousand cheeses before choosing tetilla, a raw cow’s milk cheese from Galicia, which owes its name to form of the finished cheese, which resembles a breast. You’ll find it together with other Spanish cheeses in a Taste Workshop on Sunday, September 22: Spain – Traditional cheeses from the Camino de Santiago.

August for you is a month of balance and reflection (which is probably the last thing you want during the holidays), so perhaps you can distract yourself with a more earthly dilemma: is it right to eat the cheese rind?


Gemini, you read correctly, and now you’ll be saying: but gin isn’t cheese! But the mage wants to launch a challenge to your intellectual nature, your capacity to make yourself at home in wildly different fields, your infinite curiosity and your insatiable desire for knowledge.

So what’s brewing? Come to Made in Québec – Raw milk cheese and gin, on September 22 at 4 p.m. to find out. It could be a sufficiently intriguing theme to pique your curiosity. So what are you waiting for?

And August? Well, it’s a month for groping around for a handrail, wandering in search of your place in the world. The mage wants to give you the chance to get something done, without much worry of failing: put a cheese wheel in order, from the lightest to the most intense, from a sweet and soft goat’s milk to the most pungent moldy cheese there is. If you can do that, there’s no stopping you in anything else.


Cancer: the mage must reveal a secret, that is, the mage itself is a Cancer, so in the game of choosing a cheese we’ve gone for one of our favorites… Anyway, all the other Zodiac signs know us for how we’re kind, sensitive, sometimes lazy and in need of protection. Some say “lunatics”, but 10% of the time they’re wrong.

So what cheese is in store for us? The near-mythical caciofiore from the Roman countryside, a Slow Food Presidium made with raw cow’s milk and vegetable rennet from the flowers of artichokes or wild garlic. It has a rich aroma with hints of artichoke and green fields, an intense flavor, bitter but not salty, with a balanced fatty note. We can taste it in the Taste Workshop Pastoral Culture in Lazio on Sunday, September 22 at 7 p.m.

What does business matter to us a Cancer in August anyway? Let ‘s speak about the heart. For a month, let’s try to forget the bulky presence of Saturn and concentrate on a date: August 27. That’s the day for declaring your love. What’s the best way? A table for two, a glass of wine, a sunset and a natural cheese that allows your feelings to bubble over.


It’s your month, Leo! The summer is burning and the fire that guides your sign as the King of the Zodiac is governed by nothing over than… the Sun! But enough adulation, you don’t need it.

For you I’ve chosen a red cheese, reminiscent of fire Leyden, a Slow Food Presidium for the Netherlands. Why is it red? It’s due to the use of a natural colorant, taken from Peruvian plants since the 16th century. Another distinctive characteristic of this cheese: the addition of cumin to the rennet, another ancient tradition which can be traced back to the trade with North Africa from the 15th century onwards. So come and paint your own Cheese red at Netherlands: cheese from the polders on Saturday, September 21 at 1 p.m., and find your cheese in the Presidium Street!

What an incredible month your August will be! The stars speak clearly: dare to dream, put yourself out there like only a Leo knows how. If we want to add a little more meat (or milk!) to the fire – you can try making your own cheese! You certainly have enough faith in yourself to do it right.


Fussy, precise, lovers of order. One doesn’t exactly exalt the profile of the typical Virgo, yet the mage loves your ability to observe, to go beyond the surface of things, and the profound frankness and critical faculties (as long as you don’t exaggerate, that is). What’s more, Cheese it itself is born under the sign of Virgo (sometimes on the cusp of Libra), so how couldn’t we love you madly?

The word of the day for you isn’t a cheese, but a concept: the milk in the veins of four young producers and the excellent cheese they produce, carrying forward family traditions with sacrifice and passion.

The end of the year promises prizes and parties! So it’s time to celebrate, beyond the “veins” of the young cheesemakers, with the most noble of veined cheeses: Roquefort, along with the noble rot of a Sauternes wine, close your eyes and wait for the good things in life to come to you – and come they will!


Justice and beauty, that’s your mantra, Libra! The first, even when it means questioning the rules, if they don’t satisfy your sense of equality. The second is to be understood as a search for harmony, symmetry, perfection.

As for your cheeses, it’s not so much one as a whole region of cheeses with precisely this mentality: the cheeses of Lombardy, from Bagolino Bagoss, with its sublime rind and ochre-brown color conferred by linseed, to the Historic Rebel, whose producers methodically “turn” their pastures, bringing the animals to successively higher altitudes as the summer progresses. In Between the pastures and vineyards of Lombardy  you’ll find all the best the region hast to offer, on September 20 at 7 p.m.

Finally, some room to breathe! In August the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury are in your favor, and you can get your breath back, stop slogging and struggling, and think about your aspirations. Like an animal on a high mountain pasture, you’re free to wander as you please and graze on the herbs you like best!


Sly, intelligent, a sharp sense of humor, but also – can we say it? – a little difficult, complicated like blue cheeses, that aren’t necessarily to everyone’s taste… and the mage cannot explain why! What do the stars of Cheese hold for your August, Scorpio?

I couldn’t choose anything but a cheese which is emblematic of your complexity, so I went for Raw Milk Stichleton, a blue cheese as noble as it is threatened, soft with a vinous aroma. At Cheese, the affineurs of Neal’s Yard Dairy present it in a workshop entirely dedicated to the marvelous historic cheeses of the UK still produced according to traditional recipes: God Save the Cheese is the place for your, on September 20 at 7 p.m. 

So why, dear Scorpio, does the mage foresee a complicated August? Well, you’re probably already aware of the reason, seeing as we’re halfway through the month, but I certainly wouldn’t wish a difficult summer on anyone. So let’s sweeten the pill, and explore the milk of pastry and confectionery, and not think about it anymore!


Sagittarius, if there’s one sign that can’t stay still, it’s yours. In constant movement, animated by a will to power that is fueled by a desire to reach new pastures often ignored by others.

So naturally, for you the mage has chosen a voyage, one that starts in Somerset, the original homeland of cheddar and moves on to other European countries and their specialties: from the tupi of Spain to the pultost of Norway. All this and more at Ark of Taste cheeses and European Presidia, September 21 at 4 p.m.

What stars! Your August is helping to think up and plan out your projects for the coming months, whether it’s love, work or whatever else you’ve got on your mind. Turn to the hard cheeses then, and don’t limit yourself to the legendary cheddar, taste them with a little Chet Baker on in the background perhaps, and let your future take form in your mind.


Capricorn, your symbolic animal is the Alpine ibex, also known as the steinbock, so you’re a little wild, and perhaps not quite as proud as our friend, the goat, who’s extremely proud. You’re fearless, able to reach pristine peaks, what’s more, you have a very refined palate.

So for you, Capricorn, the mage has chosen a workshop focused on the mountains: In Alpine valley goat cheeses, on September 22 at 7 p.m. you’ll find a great chef and a skilled herder-cheesemaker ready to share the best of high-altitude dairy productions. As an alternative, the delicious Dinner Date on September 20, Getting the goat: from meat to cheese.

Your stars are in flux, which in the first half of August means a sort of ceasefire in recent life tensions, while the second half of the month threatens possible moments of conflict or vendetta. Dare to climb to the heights that belong to you, smell the perfume of the mountain flowers, and enjoy looking down on the world below!


Combative, lovers of liberty above all, allergic to jealousy, with a sharp mind perhaps a little erratic, sometimes unreliable… Aquarius, you’re the true challenge of the zodiac for any astrologist.

For you I haven’t chosen one specific cheese but an importance region: Auvergne, home to the unique Salers Dairy Cattle, whose cheeses are renowned for the peculiarity of the productive process and the method of raising the breed and milking the animals. It’s a real symbiosis between farmers, animals and nature. Presenting it at Cheese on September 23 at 1 p.m. we have arguably the greatest living French affineur, Hervé Mons.

So what’s in store for August? From halfway through the month the stars forecast a great recovery, which in September will see you gathering fruit. To comprehend all the steps on this path onwards and upwards, and how things are changing, try making some kefir at home, and watching it evolve!


Well, perhaps for you, Pisces, the horoscope of Slow Fish might have been better-fitting. Nonetheless, the mage never gives up, and knows how to find the cheese best adapted to your profile, your capacity to adapt to the unforeseen, and your insistence on living through everything intensely. Including your loves (yes, plural).

Your cheese? Discover the Slow Food Presidium for Osilo Pecorino, with the typical aromas of sheep’s milk: notes of wool, and in some cases, of aromatic herbs, a buttery flavor, dark, with a note of toasted hazelnuts. Where to find this goodness? In the Taste Workshop Sardinia: Island cheeses and wines on September 22 at 1 p.m.

This August, it’s time to find some time to relax and think about your objectives for the coming autumn. A moment of fine equilibrium, in which I invite you to look for in the cheeses you taste, settling for nothing less than sensory, aromatic harmony.

by Maga Silvian, info.eventi@slowfood.it

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