Taste Workshops at Cheese 2021

21 July 2021

Today we are proud to present the first part of the festival program. We’ll continue to enrich the calendar over the coming weeks with more events, revealing all the glory of the dairy world that awaits you in Bra and Pollenzo from September 17-20.

And what better way to begin than with our famous Taste Workshops?

This year we have 28 unmissable opportunities to broaden your vision of the dairy world through meetings with affineurs, producers of the Slow Food Presidia, members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, as well as the wines and beers their products are paired with.

Taste Workshops with the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance

Photo: Valerie Ganio Vecchiolino

At the Velso Mucci Institute in Bra, the protagonists of the Taste Workshops are members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance.

The last year and a half has hit the hospitality sector harder than most, and given that their troubles are far from over it seemed natural to put cooks center stage. We’ll do so through ten events where our cooks offer dishes prepared using one or more Presidium cheeses from their local areas or meat from local breeds

From the highland sheep breeds of Veneto to the cuisine of mountain refuges, from dishes where butter plays the starring role to the specialties of the Swiss Alps, from the gastronomic traditions connected to transhumance in Calabria to some of the big names among the Slow Food Presidia like Silter PDO, Castel del Monte Canestrato, Roman Countryside Caciofiore… there’s something for everyone!

The Cooks of the Alliance share an innovative yet ancient way of considering the animals and those that raise them through their work in the kitchen.

Explore the Taste Workshops with the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance!

Cheese and wine in Pollenzo

toma della Valchiusella
Photo: Paolo Properzi

At the Wine Bank in Pollenzo we have nine events where cheeses are proposed in studied pairings with fine wines.

We’ll have pecorino wines and pecorino cheeses side by side, oxidized wines as selected by Velier together with aged natural cheeses, and the wonders of the Queseria Cultivo aging room from Spain together with different styles of Vermouth from Turin, to name just three.

There are old favorites too, with unmissable vertical tastings of Barolo from 2007-2017 together with toma cheeses from Valchiusella, and a vertical tasting of Amarone paired with Castelmagno cheeses at different levels of aging.

There are plenty of stories to tell in Pollenzo, but we’ll start with this one: Once upon a time there was a cow, a sheep and a goat… where we propose different types of cow, sheep and goat cheese and explore the unbreakable bond between the animals and the people who care for them; people who consider the animals in the best way possible, by raising them wild. To pair, we have wines from the same regions as the cheeses: Trentino-Alto Adige, Sicily and Tuscany.

Explore the Taste Workshops at the Wine Bank in Pollenzo!

Affineurs, beers and Presidia

blue cheese
Photo: Alessandro Vargiu

Back in Bra, we’ve got a whirlwind tour of the cheeses of some great affineurs, pairing with craft beers and natural charcuterie — though we can’t yet reveal the precise location.

We have three Taste Workshops dedicated to pairings between beer and cheese, from blue cheese with strong, flavorful brews to robiola and summer ales, and Italian Grape Ales together with cheeses from the same area. Then we have the offerings of great affineurs like Joseph Paccard of France or Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht from Belgium, and an exploration of natural charcuterie, as well as “alternative” cured meats produced using goat meat or beef rather than pork.

These underlines another important aspect of Cheese 2021: natural charcuterie – made without nitrites and nitrates but only with natural preservatives like salt, pepper, chili, spices or smoke – is healthier for the consumer but also reflects farming techniques that are more respectful of animal welfare, particularly regarding the animals’ diets and growth times.

Explore all the Taste Workshops in Bra!

by Silvia Ceriani, info.eventi@slowfood.it

More information coming soon

We will make further announcements as and when we have more information from the Italian government and local authorities regarding rules and regulations for how we may hold the Taste Workshops, and more generally the entire event program of Cheese, in particular regarding the use and/or necessity of a Green Pass to access events.

Cover image: Paolo Properzi