Taste Workshops at Cheese

Your chance to discover new cheeses in curious combinations.

There are 27 Taste Workshops, where we’ll travel through Italy and across the world, hear the stories of cheesemakers and herders and surprise our palates with unusual pairings. 


  • The 18 Taste Workshops on international cheeses and the sweet forms of milk are held in Bra, in the Istituto Alberghiero Velso Mucci (Via Craveri 8) and Liceo Scientifico G. Giolitti-G.B. Gandino (Via Fratelli Carando 43).
  • The 9 Taste Workshops dedicated to the pairing cheese and wine are held in Pollenzo, at the Wine Bank (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 13).
  • There are special shuttle buses available during Cheese to make traveling between the two event spaces easy.

Photo: Francesca Cirilli.


The various regions of Italy are showing off their very best: we start with the Varaita Valley in Piedmont, with the powerful stories of people returning to the mountains, people like Juri Chiotti, opening new frontiers for sustainable development; then onwards to Sardinia, in homage to a land that has suffered a lot, where sheep milk is a symbol of the gastronomic culture, a culture we can’t afford to lose for mere commercial reasons; and the Lazio countryside is recounted through the experiences of vertically-integrated cheesemakers who do everything themselves, from tending to the grass and the animals to making the rennet and turning raw milk into cheese.

For the first time, at Cheese we’ll have Taste Workshops to dairy-based desserts. Sheep’s Milk Ricotta is the protagonist in an appointment dedicated to two classic Sicilian desserts – cannoli and cassata. In Buffalo and chocolate we offer an unusual and delicious pairing of seven types of chocolate with as many products made from buffalo milk; while in Recovered Gelato we learn how waste products like cheese rinds and what’s left on a bartender’s shelf can be transformed into creamy, delicious, irresistible gelato.

Three more appointments are dedicated to specific narrative strands, starting with the forms of whey and the varieties of ricotta: fresh, salted, baked, hay-aged. In My name is Cheese we explore the world of cheeses without a name, but no less rich in taste: the “formaggio”, “formaggino” o “formaggella” produced with the raw milk of cows reared on grass and hay. And in Milk in the Veins we’ll taste the dairy delicacies made by four young producers who are keeping their ancient family traditions alive, with all the sacrifices and passion that it requires.

The Workshops at the Wine Bank in Pollenzo focus on pairing wine and cheese: including Parmigiano Reggiano and different vintages of Nobile di Montepulciano, Alpine cheeses selected by Guffanti paired with highly prized Amarone wines from the 2010 vintage, Piedmontese white wines with buffalo milk from Campania, and Natural is possible—the slogan of Cheese 2019—where we put raw milk cheeses made without selected starters together with Triple A wines.

Ph. Alessandro Vargiu


Two great affineurs, Hervé Mons of France and Neals’ Yard Dairy of the UK, will guide us through the traditional cheese panoramas of their respective countries, showing us how great cheese combines a healthy environment, animal welfare, quality milk and human skill, which transforms these diverse elements into a single, delicious product. We stay in la République for the Tour de France: historic cheeses conserved by farmers: Raw Milk Camembert, Gwell, made from the milk of the increasingly rare Manex Tête Noire and Manex Tête Rouge sheep, the Auvergne Salers Breed Cheeses and finally the Rove Brousse Goat Cheese, all small-scale productions which proudly resist the expansion of dairy multinationals. Moving south into Spain, from Asturias, Castile and León, and Galicia we trace the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage through the cheeses, foods and drinks of the first Slow Food community founded in Spain.

The journey doens’t stop there: we visit the Netherlands and discover their Slow Food Presidia, pass through Slovakia to find their unique cheese heritage aboard the Ark of Taste, land in Ireland and Australia, countries on the front line in the fight for raw milk, and end in Canada, with a very special meeting of Quebecois cheeses and gins.

Photo: Paolo Properzi.

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