At their stand in Piazza Spreitenbach in Bra, and at the campus in Pollenzo, the University of Gastronomic Sciences offers a rich program of activities for Cheese 2021.

Conferences, breakfasts, workshops, tastings with students, teachers and producers, it’s the right place to share flavors and knowledge.

If you don’t know the University of Gastronomic Sciences are you’re curious to discover what it offers on the academic level, then take the opportunity to visit the campus from Saturday, September 18 to Monday, September 20!

Discover the UNISG program!

At the UNISG stand in BRA

At Cheese 2021 the UNISG is in Piazza Spreitenbach: this is where students, teachers and other members of the UNISG network meet to share flavors and knowledge, but also to present their research, studies, academic and professional experiences that make up the distinctive character of the university community.

The calendar at the UNISG stand is rich and varied, and largely drawn up by the students themselves, with tasty proposals for all: there’s breakfast with the producers, workshops and tastings, all based on dairy products (and more!) from companies started by UNISG alumni.

The UNISG program also gives you a chance to learn more about the research and projects being undertaken by former students of the University: from digital promotion of gastronomic heritage, mobile consultancy workshops that conduct analyses of cheesemaking facilities to find the best possible conditions, to multi-functional farms and the research and selection of wines and spirits.

One of the activities is a workshop on Searching for Lost Perfumes, on Sunday, September 19 at 3.30 p.m., with Michele Crippa. Michele is a UNISG alumni who lost his sense of smell due to Covid-19 last year; a fundamental sense for his work and that of all gastronomes. Michele has used this experience to raise awareness of the importance of smell and training our senses for sensory analysis. His work to this end has been covered in the international media by the New York Times and the BBC among others.

There’s no shortage of conferences held by teachers and researchers, either. We’ll cover artisanal cheese as a product of complex socio-ecological relationships, the future of food post-Covid, symbiotic agriculture, the study and safeguarding of butter and raw milk from the pastures of the Alto Elvo, to the Germonte project dedicated to the conservation of ancient varieties of vegetables and cereals in Piedmont, and systems of transhumance in the Ligurian highlands.

In Pollenzo

Sensory Analysis Workshop on honey

On Saturday, September 18, the Sensory Analysis Workshop at UNISG will conducts tests on honey: The Sweet Correlation between Earth and Man.

Honey production and bees have always been sensitive indicators of the health of our planet. The relationship between man and earth is really intimate and very subtle; in fact, what happens to the earth also manifests itself in the life of man. For this reason, Prof. Luisa Torri, together with UNISG graduate student Riccardo Migliavada and Andrea Bariselli, founder of di Strobilo, decided to propose a tasting test of different honeys of which we will also monitor the environmental indices of the production areas. These tests will be a perfect combination of sensory analysis techniques and applied neuroscience.

Visit Pollenzo

Come say ciao! For this year’s Cheese, the University of Gastronomic Sciences let’s you get to know its programs and walk through the campus of Pollenzo.

To reach Pollenzo you can use the shuttle service: info on times and prices here.